SHLFF's Generous Sponsors

Society of Houston Latino Fire Fighters relies on donations from Businesses (both local and corporate), other Fire Fighter Organizations, Community Organizations and kind, generous Individuals who help us with Our Mission. We would like to give much appreciation and thanks to all who support the SHLFF. If you would like to Donate to our cause or want to ask how you can help Contact Us and we will get back with you. View our Sponsors Below:

Our Corporate Sponsors



Our Community Supporters

  • Chief Orlando Munoz

    Houston Fire Department - Public Affairs Office

  • Anchorage Foundation of Texas, Inc.

    Grant Support ($53,000) for purchase of Old Fire Station No.27 - Future Home of the “FIRE FIGHTER HOUSE”

  • Nuevo Pueblo Housing CDC, Inc.

    Eugene Mendoza, President - A Texas Charitable 501 C 3 Non-Profit

  • Code 3 for Cure Foundation, Inc.

    Chief Lorenzo Abuniz, Retried - Alta Loma, CA -

  • Denver Harbor Civic Club

    The Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center - Anna Gonzales,President - 6402 Market St. Houston, TX 77020

  • Hon. Ed Gonzalez

    Vice Mayor Pro-Tem - Council Member, District H

  • Juan and Anna Hernandez & Family

    Dona Maria Mexican Cafe - 2601 Navigation * Houston, Texas 77003 - *Juan Hernandez retried Fire Fighter /HFD