Society of Houston Latino Fire Fighters (SHLFF)

cancer house getting startedFor many years, the Houston Fire Department has served its citizens with the highest level of integrity, compassion, and care. Now, the firefighters of Houston have decided to answer another call, going above and beyond in order to help their brother and sister firefighters across the nation, while continuing to provide a high level of service to Houston's citizens. To that end, the Society of Houston Latino Fire Fighters (SHLFF) purchased Old Historical Fire Station 27, with the goal of renovating the facility into apartment units for firefighters and their families during extended treatments in Houston's medical center.

Anyone interested in donating time, labor, and/or funds to this worthy cause can write to Chief Diaz at

press conference

Our Mission

  • Provide a "Home Away From Home" for Firefighters Battling Cancer

    The Old Historical Fire Station 27 will eventually be a temporary home for visiting firefighters who are undergoing treatment for cancer in the Houston Medical Center.

  • Bestow Order, Love, Happiness, and Relaxation to Those in Need

    Giving our support to our fellow Fire Fighters, allowing them to concentrate on treatment.

  • Create a Place of Serenity

    Create a Place of Serenity for firefighters and their families, keeping families together at their time of need.

Latest News

Charity Golf Event
Benefiting: Fire Fighter House “Old Fire Station 27” Project that will assist Fire Fighters with Cancer.
Old Fire Station to Become New Hope for Firefighters Battling Cancer
A short press conference and ground breaking event will be held to celebrate the kick-off of the renovation of old Houston Fire Station 27 by the Society of Houston Latino Firefighters.
Old Fire Station 27 get Clean Bill of Health
The Society of Houston Fire Fighters (SHLFF) has completed Phase 1 of their project, beginning the transformation and re-purpose of the old historical building, Fire Station 27 into “The Fire Fighters with Cancer Home away from Home”.

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