Old Fire Station 27 get Clean Bill of Health

The Society of Houston Fire Fighters (SHLFF) has completed Phase 1 of their project, beginning the transformation and re-purpose of the old historical building, Fire Station 27 into “The Fire Fighters with Cancer Home away from Home”. SHLFF a Texas 501 (C) (3) Non-profit Corporation is a public charity and owns the old fire house. Formally an East End neighborhood HFD- Fire Station 27 the City phased out of service the fire house build in early 1940-41. The Board of Directors of SHLFF headed by Chairman and President Chief Lorenzo Diaz-HFD OEC Command purchased the station from the City of Houston, with a generous donation in the amount of $53,000 dollars from the Anchorage Foundation of Texas. Redevelopment of F.S. 27 began with the idea “that a short term stay lodging facility to house Fire Fighters battling Cancer and receiving extended treatments at our famed Texas Medical Center was needed in our community”; said Chief Diaz of the ongoing project started when SHLFF received its non-profit status from the IRS last March 13, 2012. Phase 1 of the project called for an evaluation of the old building, which has been designate by the City and the Houston Archeological Historic Commission as a “Historical Building”. With the help of Eugene Mendoza, Project Manager and President of Nuevo Pueblo Housing C D C, a Texas Housing and Community Development Non-profit Corporation; Phase 1 was developed to address environmental issues in a cost-effective manner.

The first local corporate help for the SHLFF “Fire Fighter House” project came from, Mr. Jerry P. Heard, Manager of Environmental Services of ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTION, INC. (ESI). ESI environmental team, agreed to perform at cost, asbestos project management services, prepare abatement scope of work, perform on-site monitoring, project management, and prepare a final report for the removal of asbestos-containing materials. These services were performed by the ESI team properly trained and licensed in asbestos remediation. ESI’s professional services provided the project to date a cost savings of $6,000-$8,000 dollars. Special note, we report that the ESI team has family members fighting Cancer and come from a long line of Volunteer Firefighters in the Houston Metro area.

Phase 1 Construction Demolition of the project also needed help with the actual asbestos and mole remediation. Stepping up to help SHLFF in this major phase of the building clean-up were two retired HFD Fire Fighters Jack and Leonard Cherry, owners and founders of the CHERRY COMPANIES. The CHERRY team included CHERRY Demolition Commercial Division and CHERRY Environmental Services, Inc. (CESI), owner Kristi Cherry McFarland. The Cherry Team agreed to Abatement operations in conformance with applicable State and local regulation agencies. Removal of ACM was under the CESI management and discretion in order to give SHLFF the best value for the work performed. The Cherry Team work was at-cost and saved the project a retail cost estimated around $50,000 dollars. All methodology used in the abatement process was under Texas Dept. of Health/EPA regulations and rules. Scope of work was performed September 15, to 19, 2013. Demo work successfully removed and disposed of 8,400 sq. ft. of plaster walls and ceilings, 1,400 sq. ft. of floor tile and mastic, 300 sq. ft. of duct insulation, and 13 windows with asbestos-contaminated glazing materials.

The Society of Houston Latino Fire Fighters wants to acknowledge and give thanks with a profound sense of gratitude to ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS, INC. and THE CHERRY COMPANIES for their professional services. Phase 1 was truly “Firefighters Helping Firefighters”. The project received its ASBESTOS ABATEMENT-FINAL REPORT, September 20, 2013. There is no hazardous material, Asbestos containing material or Mole in the building. Phase II begins the new construction of “The Fire Fighters with Cancer Home away from Home”. If you would like to help, please donate your time, material, professional service or give just give a Donation today. Please see our MAKE A DONATION page or Contact Us Page for further information on our project.